Sworn translation

Sworn and certified translation is often the only type of translation recognised by courts, local government services, embassies and consulates, universities and even academic recognition centres.

Examples of documents that we translate :

  Birth certificates
  Marriage certificates
  Death certificates
  Notarial deeds
  Driving licences
  Residence permits
  Academic certificates
  Employment certificates
  Pay slips
  Employment contracts
  Cover letters
  Letters of recommendation
  School diplomas and certificates
  University diplomas
  Transcripts of results
  Sworn declarations
  Certificates of good conduct
  Divorce decrees
  Declarations of no appeal
  Various decrees of judgment
  Criminal records
  Statements of theft
  Statements of loss
  Tenancy agreements/leases
  Commercial correspondence
  Medical reports
  Financial/tax statements
  Instructions for use of products/drugs


Urgent translation :

If you require a sworn translation urgently or for a tight deadline (including evenings and weekends), call us on +32 (0)489 28 15 07. Please note that urgent translations are subject to supplementary charges.